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Top 10 Fashion Dissertation Topics

Top 10 Fashion Dissertation Topics

Fashion is a constantly changing field. If you’re studying fashion, whether for a diploma, certification, bachelor’s, or master’s degree, you might feel overwhelmed by the many subjects, areas, and topics available for your final dissertation. We know that your dissertation holds significant weight in your overall grade, making the choice of a suitable topic crucial. Our team of skilled writers is here to assist you in crafting a fashion-focused dissertation. We can also provide you with intriguing and up-to-date dissertation topics related to fashion. We’re equipped to help you explore various aspects of clothing, fashion, and values. To kickstart your brainstorming process for fashion dissertation ideas, we’ve compiled a list of the latest dissertation topics in the field. These topics have been carefully selected by our expert writers, so you can confidently consider them for your fashion dissertation writing.

Fashion versus Practicality

This apparent contradiction captures a fascinating and ongoing debate that isn’t a new idea but can be looked at in many different ways. Comparing the comfort-focused and functional nature of Crocs with Christian Louboutin’s distinctive six-inch platform stilettos could be an intriguing subject for a captivating fashion dissertation.

Technology You Can Wear in Fashion

Technology that you can wear has found its place in the world of fashion, where clothing responds to the surroundings they’re worn in. There are dresses that react to physical movements, garments that change with light, and other clothes that adapt to the sudden changes in their environment. 3D printing has seamlessly integrated with wearable technology. Crafting a fashion dissertation about this topic will give you a chance to explore how wearable technology is changing our lives. Additionally, you can delve into the emerging brands that are bringing wearable technology into the market and revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Notable Fashion Figures Who Shaped the Fashion World

Within this study of fashion, you can delve into prominent fashion figures such as Grace Kelly, Janis Joplin, Josephine Baker, and Brigitte Bardot. These individuals continue to serve as sources of inspiration for the fashion industry even in the present day. In this exploration of fashion, you have the opportunity to track the accomplished journeys of these fashion icons. You can also investigate the factors that propelled them to their iconic status, allowing them to ascend to stardom as influential fashion figures, thus establishing enduring style trends.

The Rising Popularity of Athleisure

The swift ascent of the ‘athleisure’ trend, which goes beyond mere wellness apparel, displays no indications of slowing down. This growth presents potential openings for brands to extend their reach and develop athletic wear and associated products in global markets. Consequently, this blend of athletic and leisure clothing forms an intriguing subject to examine how modern clothing styles can evolve into lucrative market ventures. A fashion study centered on this theme would be exceptionally pertinent and timely.

Famous Fashion Figures in Today’s World

The widespread use of social media and digital platforms has rapidly transformed ordinary individuals into fashion influencers in our modern society. This fashion-focused research will examine significant events in recent fashion history, such as when Jennifer Lopez wore the iconic Versace dress and the increasing popularity of Meghan Markle as an empowered and independent woman.

Exploring Changes in School Uniforms Worldwide

The origins of school uniforms can be traced back to ancient traditions. If we consider the broader context, students have worn distinct clothing for religious (like monastic and priestly training) and economic reasons (such as apprentices wearing guild attire) for many centuries. Looking at this through the lens of fashion can offer an engaging subject for fashion-related research. This could involve analyzing historical trends and the evolution of functional requirements for school uniforms throughout different eras.

Studying the Changes in Cosplay Trends Over the Years

Cosplay is a blend of “costume” and “play.” For some, cosplay is a hobby, while for others, it’s a way of life. Regardless of whether you’ve taken part in cosplay or not, it’s clear that cosplay has become a significant part of modern society. People invest a considerable amount of time and effort into crafting elaborate costumes, all to participate in events where they can become their favorite characters. However, both these characters and the practice of cosplay itself have transformed over time. You can explore topics for your fashion dissertation that delve into the concept of individuals fully immersing themselves in a character and performing as them in front of others.

The Impact of Popular Culture on Fashion

This fashion dissertation topic would delve into how pop culture has risen and its effects on the broader fashion industry. Fashion often draws inspiration from various cultural and social movements. Recent trends in fashion can be linked back to designs originating from diverse subcultures and ethnic groups. Investigating these aspects could be a fascinating subject for fashion students to explore in their dissertations.

The Development of Baby Clothing Trends

This topic for a fashion dissertation will focus on exploring the changes in baby clothing styles over time. Starting from the 17th century, when babies were typically swaddled in linen, we will track the progression to today’s wide range of fashionable baby clothes, available in various designs and options.

Exploring Trends that Blend Fashion Styles

In the fashion industry, the term “crossover” refers to works or products that appeal to different types of audiences. The concept of fashion crossover has gained significant popularity. This dissertation will delve into this phenomenon by examining examples of successful crossovers, such as combining leather belts with playful patterns or infusing Victorian aesthetics with vibrant citrus colors.


If you’re interested, you can begin your fashion dissertation by asking our writers for a simple research plan related to these subjects. This plan usually consists of an introduction to the issue, the main research question, what the research aims to achieve, a review of existing knowledge on the topic, and the suggested research approach. Feel free to reach out if you require assistance in commencing your fashion dissertation – we’re here to offer our support.


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