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Finance Management Homework Help 

Finance management is an art ensign in which the finance manager has to take all the relevant decisions related to the financial resources of the company. Finance management requires the financial manager to take the decision that from here to raise funds in order to support the operations of the business, and the cost of raising funds is considered while selecting an alternative. Different sources of funds are available such as issuing debentures, issuing share capital, taking loans from banks and financial institutions and private arrangement of funds. All this decision is taken by the financial manager under the financial management, and this field is diverse. Students often have to study the subject of financial management as part of the business and management course. This is subject is a mixture of theoretical concepts and practical problem-solving numerical. This subject requires practical application of finance, and analytical skills are required to take the relevant decisions for the given problem. Students find it difficult to complete the finance management homework and then look for finance management homework help in order to complete their homework on time and to score excellent marks. Do my homework help is a company that has the best experts in completing the finance management homework. You can get finance management homework help from our professionals at very affordable price quotations. Finance management homework help can be availed by you by contacting over supporting which is present 24/7. We provide online finance management homework help services, which means you can enjoy our services and get your homework done irrespective of time and place.

Topics covered by our experts

Finance management is or diverse field that consists of different topics such as surplus disposal, cost of capital, time value of money, ratio analysis, capital budgeting decisions, capital structuring, investment analysis, portfolio management, risk management, public finance and many more. All of these topics are covered by our professionals, and our professionals have extensive experience in delivering quality homework under the finance management subject.

Capital structuring:

Capital structuring is a very important topic of finance management. Under capital structuring decisions, the finance manager has to decide the particular source of funds. By application of some formulas, the optimal capital structure can be calculated for the business. It is advisable for every business to make use of different sources of finance such as using share capital, debentures and loans in order to optimize the capital structure.

Cost of capital:

Capital is very important for running any business. Some of the most commonly used capital sources for running business operations are share capital, debentures, and loans. All of these sources of finance has its cost associated. For example, if the funds are arranged in the business by issuing debentures or loans, a fixed rate of interest has to be paid on these debentures and loans. In case share capital is issued for raising funds, dividends and the market return rate has to be paid by the business to the shareholders. This market return rate and interest rate is the cost of capital. Detail analysis has to be done by the finance manager for making the decision of raising funds because fundraising activity has a cost associated with it.

Ratio analysis:

This is one of the most important topics of finance management, and it requires analytical skills to understand if a business is performing right or not. Ratio analysis helps to observe and analyze the liquidity position of a business, long term solvency of the business, managerial capabilities and skills by calculating profitability ratios and Asset Management ratios. On the basis of ratio analysis, comparisons with other companies of a similar industry can be withdrawn, and comparisons with the performance of the previous year can also be analyzed.

Capital budgeting decisions:

Capital budgeting decisions that related to the accept and reject decisions for investments in projects and fixed assets. Different methods of capital budgeting such as payback period method, net present value technique, accounting rate of return method, internal rate of return method, and profitability index. All of these methods help to select an investment proposal based on cash flows and the time value of money.

Other topics:

There are many other topics that are covered under finance management, such as risk management, mergers and acquisition, portfolio management, investment analysis, international and corporate finance, financial markets and institutions, public finance and many more topics. All of these topics are very relevant to manage the overall financial position of the company or a business.

Almost all the topics are covered by our professionals and the number of facilities that you will be provided by our experts in completing your homework. We offer the best market rate for homework help services, and we provide plagiarism free work. Our support team is available all the time to assist you with your queries.

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