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20 Interesting Topics for Case Study in the field of Psychology

Psychology Homework Help

A psychology case study involves thoroughly examining an event, group, or individual. Many of the ideas proposed by the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud are rooted in individual case studies. Case studies are conducted with the hope that insights and knowledge gained from analyzing a single case can be applied to many similar cases. However, these studies tend to be quite subjective, which can sometimes make it challenging to apply the findings to a larger population.

Nonetheless, one significant advantage of case studies is that psychologists and researchers can explore events, groups, and individuals in settings that may be impossible to replicate in a laboratory. In the field of psychology, various types of case studies are employed by researchers. Some of these types include:

  • Exploratory Case Study

An exploratory case study is often used as an introduction to further research on a subject. It allows researchers to shape their research questions and hypotheses for a more in-depth investigation.

  • Explanatory Case Study

Explanatory case studies focus on understanding the reasons behind a specific event. They aim to identify the factors that contributed to the occurrence of the event. Researchers use explanatory case studies to delve into causal relationships.

  • Descriptive Case Study

A descriptive case study provides a theoretical portrayal of a subject. The information gathered from this type of case study contributes to the existing theories related to the subject.

  • Intrinsic Case Study

An intrinsic case study is conducted by a researcher who has a personal connection or interest in the subject. For example, observing one’s own family can serve as an intrinsic case study in psychology.

  • Instrumental Case Study

An instrumental case study is conducted by a researcher to gain a deeper understanding of an event or phenomenon that might not be immediately evident to casual observers.

  • Collective Case Study

A collective case study involves studying a group of individuals within a specific environment or an entire community. This type of study provides insights into the dynamics of the group or community as a whole.

Case studies are valuable tools for research, but their usage should be thoughtful. They work best when dealing with situations where conducting an experiment is tough or impossible. They’re particularly useful for examining unique scenarios and letting researchers gather lots of information about a specific person or group.

If you’ve been assigned to write a case study for a psychology course, make sure to consult your instructor for specific guidelines. This article presents 20 great topics for a psychology case study. You can choose a topic from the list as is or draw inspiration from it to create your own.

1. Understanding the psychology behind un-social behavior in autistic children.

2. Exploring the impact of neglected cognitive development on individuals.

3. Analyzing how societal factors contribute to major social psychological disorders.

4. Investigating the factors that lead to a person’s withdrawal from society.

5. Examining the influences on language learning and language acquisition abilities.

6. Reassessing traditional parenting practices under the lens of developmental psychology.

7. Unpacking the reasons for initial anti-social behavior among students.

8. Exploring psychological disorders stemming from poor mental health.

9. Identifying stages and symptoms of compromised psychological well-being.

10. Delving into the phenomenon of strong attachment to the opposite-sex parent.

11. Strategies for supporting individuals with ADHD within the family context.

12. Understanding the root causes of prejudice and discrimination.

13. Exploring the role of color psychology in studies of cognitive development.

14. Shedding light on the challenges posed by phobias and their characteristics.

15. Investigating the use of cognitive therapy for treating anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

16. Examining factors leading to the suppression of certain memories.

17. Enhancing the measurement of children’s attention span.

18. Identifying effective family therapy techniques for children with behavioral disorders.

19. Evaluating how one family member’s learning disability affects the entire family unit.

20. Unraveling the complexities of cancer prevention’s impact on family dynamics.


We hope that these topics for psychology case studies have given you the inspiration you need. This list isn’t complete, and there are many questions in psychology that await exploration. Consider what fascinates and engages you as a psychology student, and construct your case study with strong evidence and information.

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